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Saturday, April 30, 2005

GoogleNews strikes again

And this time, the shocking things that occur when you search GoogleNews for "mossad israel iran" (which is honestly a page I stumbled upon while searching for a reference page during a debate). Just look at it:

That's right. The swastika and the star of David, intermixed. This is what GoogleNews sees fit to publish. And I'm not even takling about the shocking contents of the actual site, Conspiracy Planet. Here are a few chosen bits. This is a suggestion the AIDS virus was invented by the WHO. There's a page calling Arnold Schwartznegger "the Anti-Christ" and suggesting he's part of an Illiuminati scam to take over the states. And here's a series of photos suggesting that Bush, Elizabeth Taylor, and Berlusconi are all part of a secret society which uses "the devil's horns" as its sign. And ofcourse, for GoogleNews, this is all news.
Email them if you think differently.

Update: For earlier posts on the GoogleNews saga in this blog, check out these:
Nazimedia uses the term "Zionazi" and gets kicked off Googlenews after it being published.
GoogleNews cites jihadunspun as a newssource.
GoogleNews includes the Hamas official website as a newssource and removes it following a complaint from this blog.

Something is seriously wrong with the people running Google. Very, very, very, very wrong.

Friday, April 15, 2005

Europeans, this is where your taxmoney goes

Today Yediot Ahronot, the #1 Israeli newspaper published an article which said the EU is going to pay Israeli television for a reality show to improve its image during a campaign it's going to begin in Israel to imporve the way Israelis see the EU. Well here's one thing you can do, stop supporting terrorists.
This is It's a combination of the "Apllied Research Institute-Jerusalem" and "Land research Center" (ARIJ and LRC). Scroll down a bit and you see exactly who's funding it, the EU. The site deals with monitoring Israeli activity in the West Bank. Or, if you quote it in their words: "Monitoring Israeli colonization activities in the Palestinian territories". To make clear what they mean when they say "Palestinian territories" all you have to do is look at the logo above.
There, between a photo of the Anti-Terrorist barrier, and a construction tool at work, you see it:

I know, it's too small for me to be troubled. But hey, I think I saw it somewhere. Oh yeah, It was right here. This map comes from a Palestinian .gov site, it contains all of Israel marked as "Palestine". Here's the larger version, so you can see I'm not making this up:

The EU's connection to it, isn't just the flag waving at the bottom of the page. Their "About" page describes it perfectly:
Monitoring Israeli Colonizing activities in the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza is a joint project between the Applied Research Institute in Jerusalem (ARIJ) and the Land Research Center (LRC). The project, funded by the European Union, aims at inspecting and scrutinizing Israeli colonizing activities in their different forms in the Palestinian West Bank and Gaza, and to disseminate the related information to policy makers in the European countries and to the general public.
The EU funds a website which monitors Israeli "colonizing" efforts. And has a map of the region which calls ALL of Israel, "Palestine". And then they wonder they have a public relation problem in Israel, or are being percieved unbalanced.
And as long as we're in the "let's monitor colonies" business, here's a list of colonies kept by EU members, feel free to add if I missed anything.
Britain: Gibraltar, Indian Ocean territory, the Falklands, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, the British Virgin Islands.
France: Bassas da India, Clipperton Island, Europa Island, French Polynesia, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, Glorioso Islands, Juan de Nova Island, New Caledonia, Tromelin Island, Wallis and Futuna. And the most recent ocupation of Ivory Coast.
Spain: Ceuta, Melilla, Basque territory, Canary Islands, Islas Chafarinas, Penon de Alhucemas, and Penon de Velez de la Gomera.
Netherlands: Antilles, Aruba.
Hmmm. I wonder what would happen if the EU invested the funds it used for "monitoring Israeli colonization" for monitoring it's own colonization efforts worldwide.

How the Intifadeh ruined Palestinian lives

A few weeks ago I was in a regular patrol in the village of Kharbatha near Ramallah. This is one of the nastiest villages I've been to. The streets are covered with photos of suicide bombers, I saw some dim photos of Rantissi and Yassin all around it. Every enterance into the village ends up with a lot of rocks thrown at our Hummer. 6 Suicide bombers came from that village, and numerous terrorist masterminds were arrested there.
Then I noticed something which I haven't noticed before. Usually, I've been in that village in night time, for arrests and stuff, but this was during the day, and I saw that most stores on the main street had Hebrew signs. That surprized me. I mean no Israeli in his right mind would go into Kharbatha. The village is deep in the west bank, and outright dangerous.
I used the first oportunity I had in the checkpoint to ask a Palestinian what was that all about. Turns out that the road connecting most settlements in the Area with Modi'in and thus Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, used to pass through Kharbatha as recently as 4-5 years ago. Kharbatha was a major marketplace, where the Israelis used to come to for olive oil, and various construction supplies. As the intifadeh started and the village became more and more hostile towards Israelis, rocks were thrown, firebombs, ETC, and road 446 was constructed to stop the Israelis from going through the village. The result? Shops were closed, hundreds of Palestinians lost their jobs, and the Israelis pay more for their goods.
A similar story can be told for the "Hotze Shomron" or Trans-Samaria road. Road 5 (trans-Samaria highway) was built in 1998, following constant Palestinian attacks on Israeli vehicles travelling on it. The highway serves Elqana, Ari'el, Barkan, Gane Shomron and connects them directly to Tel Aviv. These are largely secular settlements, and are pretty big (especially Ariel) so the traffic there is quite heavy. The old Trans-samaria road used to go through Palestinian villages such as Mas'ha, Azzun Atme, Bidya and Sarta. Mas'ha and Bidya were popular locations for posh Israelis to go for Hummus and shopping. The Mas'ha marketplace was a famous location, everyone used to go there. Then cars got attacked. Shipments coming from Ariel and Barkan Industrial zones were always late, cars were hit with stones, sometimes shot upon. A new road was constructed, Highway 5. The road construction resulted in land confiscations, so Palestinians lost land, and the highway no longer passed through Palestinian villages, the road going there was now dubbed "dangerous" and noone was gone there. The Mas'ha marketplace is now deserted. No Israeli would go there, and now the Anti-Terrorism barrier will separate between Elqana and Mas'ha (it's the scene of many anti fence protests).
These are just two examples of the way Palestinians brought poverty upon themselves. This place can flourish under peace, both sides doing business and making money, or, the Palestinians can suffer under war, the Israelis will pay more, but live, as we've shown during the last 4 years. The Palestinians had more to lose and they did.
And this is why peace, is the solution to this area's problems, both financial and security.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Lunatics, that's all.

Tommorow the radical Revava movement is planning to get 10,000 Jews to the Temple Mount for a mass prayer, a step which might incite violence throughout the West Bank and Gaza. The Temple Mount or mount Moriyah is the place where both of the Jewish temples existed, and according to Judaic tradition and scripts the place where Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac, and the place where Noah's arc found dryland at the end of the Deluge. According to Islamic tradition it is the place where Muhammed ascended to heaven (though it would be fair to mentioned that neither the temple mount nor Jerusalem are mentioned in the Koran by name). According to Christian scripture, it's the place where Jesus faced the money changers, and where he will return when the temple is rebuilt. In short, It's about the holiest place out there.
The current situation on the mount is that the Islamic Waqf took control of it, destroys Judaic antiques and claims the temple never existed there. Because the mount is placed directly above the Western Wall, rocks are often thrown from it and police has to storm the compound to stop Palestinians from harming worshippers. Jewish prayers on the mount are rare an untraditional because according to Jewish tradition, setting foot upon the mountain is forbidden. You see, the temple included a chamber named "holy of hollies" where according to Jewish tradition God's spirit rested. Noone except the Great Cohen could enter that room. As long as temple isn't rebuilt, stepping on that mountain might get you in the place where that room existed, which is forbidden in Judaism, this is why most rabbis agree that Jews shouldn't go to the Temple mount.
So here come a band of loons from Revava, trying to incite the situation and get the terrorists to thwart the disengagement by mass murder (and we all know, that's exactly what's going to happen if these idiots get up there). They're threatening to attack policemen who came there to stop them from ruining every chance for a cease fire we're ever going to have.
I completely support the right of Jews or anyone else for that matter to go up the temple mount. But this is outright teasing to get Jihadis crazed and more Jews killed. It's sad to know such morons exist on our side as well, and it is my sincere hope that if any of them raise a finger on an IDF soldier or a policemen they'll get what they had coming.

Response for ISMer

In the recent weeks, someone calling himself ISMer has been posting comments on this blog. I've responded in the comment thread, but ISMer continues posting on and on. His posts are filled with half-truths and outright lies, which I believe should not got unchallenged. I will address his claims here, in my blog, because I think the rebuttal for those lies needs to get as wide attention as I can possibly give it.
I'm responding to his last comment recently posted here.

The Wall is about land theft. It is both illegal and immoral. Our soldier/blogger is using violence against civilians in defense of land theft.

The Anti-Terrorist Barrier (only 3% of which is actually a wall) is about giving security to Israel's civilian population, a task in which it succeeded greatly. In areas where the fence has been completed, the number of terrorist attacks dropped drastically. The fence is legal, as it was approved by Israel's supreme court, areas of it which weren't approved or deemed illegal were changed to fit the court's ruling. The fence is moral. It's a defensive measure, and noone is harmed by it unless they try to harm it. The people whose land the fence is built on were compensated, farmers who have land on the other side of the fence have free access to agricultural gates which enable them to work their land and continue their life.
You tell me the fence gives Palestinian kids a hard time going to school? atleast they get there in one piece and don't get their schoolbus rocketed/bombed like Israeli kids do. Preferring Palestinian kids getting to school in time on the expense of Israeli kids being blown to pieces is sick, immoral and despicable.

The original path of the wall from 2003 in Budrus would have taken 20% of the village's land and encircled Budrus and seven other villages. The residents of Budrus feared their freedom of movement within the West Bank would be greatly constrained by the Wall path and their land taken. The 2003 Wall path in Budrus deviated a good deal from the Green Line, enough to have a very significant impact on the lives of the people of Budrus so that they chose to peacefully protests.

Because of their continual non-violent protests since late 2003, the people of Budrus succeeded in forcing the Israeli government to change the planned path of the wall and to move much of it to the Green Line. Now only 5% of the 20% of their land that was planned to be seized will be behind the Wall. This is a victory for non-violence and human rights, and the people of Budrus have every right to continue to protest.

Every single bit of this statement is untrue. The fences original and new path can be seen at Israel's MFA site. Here's a picture of the fence around Budrus (marked in green):

The blue line represents the 2003 fence path and the red line represents the 2005 fence path, the purple line is the 1967 border. As you can see, there were practically no changes made (500-700 meters one way or another) and the fence is on the greenline within miles around the village, and even where it isn't it doesn't move a great deal away from it. Hence the 20% and 5% figures are completely imaginary and made up. As for their village being disconnected along with 7 other villages, it's untrue. Even if the 2003 path was carried out there would STILL be gates and checkpoints which would allow the villagers to cross over to Ramallah.
The leadership of Budrus has explicitly and repeatedly accepted a Wall on the Green Line. This is their position and their choice.

If that's the case, how come the people of Budrus have destroyed 150 meters of fence which was positioned directly on the green line? Pictures can be found in this Nazimedia article.
Palestinians do not throw rocks as the marchers advance on the soldiers (unless perhaps there are occasionally a few young boys doing this without the knowledge of the community leadership, and out of their view). So the soldier's claim that "first comes a shower of rocks" is false.

Gee. I can't count atleast 4 different rock throwers right here. Oh yes I'm making it all up. There really aren't any rocks thrown at the IDF. It's all my imagination. And I bet these are "a few young boys". And will you just look how young this guy looks. Right. It's all my imagination.

Sometimes the soldiers immediately begin teargassing and shooting at the peaceful marchers as they approach. The marchers try to continue walking through and around through the soldiers, nonetheless. As marchers try to walk through and around soldiers, the soldiers try and block them (because at that point they cannot gas them as he said). Most often the soldiers begin pushing and beating the marchers.

Oh my. Soldiers using force to stop protestors from WALKING THROUGH THEM? Are you even listening to yourself? Well DUH we'll use force to stop protestors from reaching closed military zones and burning the bulldozers building the fence, what, did you think we'd throw flowers at people trying to trample soldiers just to get to military equipment and burn it? Did you honestly think we'd let you people just go through us? I mean Pancake Corrie was pretty stupid, no doubt about that, but to think an entire organization composed of stupid people still exists is astonishing.

I was once at a protest in the Salfit area where I saw two Palestinians punch Israeli soldiers and one kick a soldier (while the soldiers were doing the same). Journalists photos of Palestinians punching and kicking were all over the newspapers and internet the next day. If more Palestinians punched and kicked, we'd see photos as we did that day.

Oh? And I'm assuming the reports of wounded Policemen and Soldiers are all made up. I bet Palestinians hugged them too hard.

Protesters do not try to take soldiers weapons. This is an absolutely ridiculous claim. I've seen a soldier at Budrus put a gun right directly into Laila's face and video camera, in a manner that looks a bit like the posted photo. But the posted photo seems not to be from the same day, because the day I saw this Laila had her videocamera in her hands. I can imagine a soldier put his gun directly in Laila's face on the day of this photo.

Protestors have tried to take soldier's weapons and so did Laila in the photo I've posted. You ARE right, she did get a gun's back right in the face, as she should've. Someone trying to snatch a weapon deserves to get shot, not hit in the face. The photo speaks for itself, you see Laila trying to take the gun right there.
I have never heard 50% of the chants that the soldier mentions - that is I have never heard the uglier chants he notes. I wonder in what language are the ugly chants he is claiming to have heard - English, Hebrew or Arabic ?

Ofcourse. I have nothing better to do with my time home than to sit around with myself and make up jewhating slogans to post on my blog. Is that your claim? Do you expect people to take it seriously?
The soldier's claim of racism are silly. The only people practicing racism are soldiers using force against Palestinian civilians and taking their land for Israelis.
Allright. Just a question. Could you please tell me, what the two Palestinian teenagers are holding in the following photo?

Non-racist "peaceful" Palestinian protestors according to ISMer.

We need to go back to the bigger picture. The Israeli government is taking more Palestinian land by building the Wall on Palestinian land and not on the Green Line.

Noone is "taking" any Palestinian land. The land is not annexed, and the fence is not a political one. The fence's goal is to protect as many jews possible from Palestinian terrorists, and it's built based on security needs and not political border. The fence can be dismantled at any time, if Palestinians would actually do something to prevent such attacks from taking place. Currently? They don't.
The Palestinian private-owned land behind the fence is still theirs, and they can get access to it, via checkpoints and gates which exist in the fence itself.
No, Israeli soldiers have a choice. They can and should refuse to implement these illegal and immoral orders, and refuse to use violence against civilians who are simply defending their land with their bodies.

Some soldiers are refusing to serve (not enough), and I have met others at protests who say that they know that what they are doing is wrong, but they often say that they have no choice because they are "only implementing orders." This a sad defense.

I have the choice to refuse to morally wrong orders. Defending the construction of a fence that SAVES LIVES is the right thing to do. Stopping a violent mob of racists and terrorist lovers from reaching innocent construction workers, most of which are Israeli Arabs is the right thing to do. This land is not yours ISMer, the debate here is between Israelis and Palestinians, and you would be right to return to YOUR land in whatever spoiled-rich suburb you live. This isn't your fight, this isn't your cause. You're interfering with Palestinian life and inciting young Palestinians. You're getting them hurt, injured and killed. Stop it. Leave, and don't ever come back.