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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

European Union hypocrisy knows no limits.

This story has been published in one Hebrew website so far, and is being widely ignored by the international media, but I believe it's important to break.
You see, today, the European Parliament held a conference (more info here) co-sponsored by the quite extremist Israeli-Arab group Mossawa (which calls Israeli Arabs, Israeli Palestinians) on the status of Israeli Arabs in Israel.
That's right, the European Union held a conference on internal Israeli matters. Mind you, I'd understand the necessity of it had Israel not been a democracy, had Israeli-Arabs not been the single most educated group of Arabs on the face of this planet. But how can the Europeans DARE interfere in the internal affairs of a democratic country?
I believe the proper response to that would be to hold an emergency meeting in the Israeli Knesset, regarding the treatment of Muslims in European countries. The de-legitimate and outlawing of Halal and Kosher butchering, making it practically impossible for Jews and Muslims to follow their beliefs in Europe. The scandalous headscarf ban which forces Muslim girls out of public education directly into repressive madarassas. The vile desecration of mosques and synagogues throughout Europe. The desecration of Muslim cemeteries as well as Jewish ones. The torture and mistreatment of Muslim immigrants. And this is just concentrating on the Europeans vs. Muslims. Imagine what would happen had I concentrated on the European Antisemitism.
I hardly see what right do Europeans have to lecture Israel on the rights of Muslim minorities. In Israel, we have an Arab Supreme Court Judge. The first elected Arab female parliament member, was elected in Israel, former MK Hosnia Jabara. Israel had an Arab minister, and there are currently 11 Arab (Muslim, Bedouin, Christian and Duruz) parliament members, 2 of them from the ruling Likud party:
Muhammed Barakeh (Hadash-Taal), Azmi Bishara (NDA), Abdulmalik Dehamshe (UAL), Taleb El-Sana (UAL), Ayoob Kara (Likud), Raleb Majadele (Labour), Issam Makhoul (Hadash-Ta'al), Ahmed Tibi (Hadash-Ta'al), Wasil Taha (NDA), Majali Wahabe (Likud), Jamal Zahalka (NDA).
Let's face it, Israeli Arabs are an integral part of Israeli society, most of them are good loyal citizens, some of them volunteer to serve in the IDF. Hey, we even had an Arab beauty queen.
How many Muslim Parliament members does the European parliament have? How many supreme court judges? Are muslim artists an integral part of their society?
The fact is, Europeans are largely are xenophobic. They do not welcome immigrants, and minorities fare badly there. They harm holy sites and cemeteries (something that would never occur in Israel). They seek to ban basic religious rights from their Arab population like headscarves and eating halal food. They have no right whatsoever to lecture Israel on its treatment of its Arab citizens.
You know, coming to think of it, they have a nice word for it in Hebrew. Chutzpah!
I'll finish this with a quote of an Israeli Arab, Youssef Samir, moments after escaping Palestinian security forces holding him hostage:

"When I saw the Israeli soldiers, I nearly fainted from happiness. I fell on the floor and kissed the earth before their feet," he recalled, as the young soldiers called for their senior commanders to rush to the scene.

Jeep after jeep rushed to the checkpost, and medics and soldiers rushed up to the ailing captive.

"It was a surrealistic scene, one that I will never forget all my life," Samir recalled, as soldiers and officers rushed to assistance him and give him first aid.

"I saw a country that cared about its citizens," he said, "something that would not happen to such an extent even in Western cultures like the US.


  • Halal & Kosher butchering DOES happen in the EU. I see it in Brussels and I saw it in S France.

    Try some nuance, read Bat Ye'or 's Book: Eurabia. Then you'll start to grasp the reality of what is happening inside Europe.
    I doubt the Israeli goverment and society would welcome hundreds of thousend Muslim immigrant with a quite radical religious stamp. How about Isreal lets (oh lets say) a million Palestinian radicals inside its territory.
    Perhaps you havnt noticed but there's a political battle going on in Europe: those that want to protect Europe and those that want Eurabia & Multicultural society.
    Hence, try some nuance before you shoot at some who read this blog and attempt to restore Europe. I doubt its in your and in Israel's interest to see Eurabia become reality & gain further power.

    By Blogger Brigant, at 12:02 AM, May 26, 2005  

  • Halal and Kosher butchering was outlawed in parts of europe. it's not in my interest for europe to become Eurabia, but the way to make that happen passes through stopping muslim girls from getting public education because they choose to wear headscarf. The europeans are FORCING them into the madrassas with that idiotic headscarf ban.
    And let's face it. Disagreeing with terrorism doesn't justify racism and bigotry against Arabs or Muslims. If Israel can separate the two, so can Europeans.
    And as I said, Europeans are the last people on this planet to lecture me about tolerance, acceptance of the different or equal rights.

    By Blogger OnlyInIsrael, at 1:13 AM, May 26, 2005  

  • Outlawed in SOME parts of Europe, has a different meaning than saying that it was outlawed in Europe (entire).
    See thats where you're wrong, since in most European countries its the duty of the parents to send their children to an acceptable education system. The headscarf ban is solely in France and doesnt mean a lot of difference to drive them to the madrassas.

    Racism & bigotery against Arabs & Muslims has a reason. We could say the EXACT same thing of Israel towards Palestinians. The problem is that Arabs do not integrate into our society, regardless of racism. Furthermore in Belgium 40% of all crimes are commited by immigrants (mainly Muslim, Maghred & Arabs).
    About Half of our unemployed (when it was at 1 million) are also immigrants.
    This has lead to a complex situation where nuance is required.

    Europe does seperate both.We dont have problems with Muslim Pakistanis & Indians for example. Christian Arabs neither. The problem lies with them, not with us. I should not accept someone on my territory sucking up my taxes who refuses to integrate and has the gutts to insult the snot out of me for no good reason.

    Europe shouldnt lecture you, neither should you lecture Europe.

    By Anonymous Brigant, at 1:04 AM, May 27, 2005  

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