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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Freudian slip?

As I was surfing (one of the sites orginising and coordinating the protests against the anti-terrorist barrier) in my "know the enemy" usual sweep, something caught my eye. It was this big banner calling for a boycott of Israel, and describing the different stages of it.

Hmm... the colors are a bit familiar. Red, White and Black... Where have I seen it?
But wait, what are those two lightning shapes remind me off? Oh yeah.

Recognize it? That's the symbol of Hitler's Waffen-SS brigades, you know, the "special" forces in charge for the murder and genocide of Jewish population. Currently used as the symbol of numerous Neo-Nazi groups.
I'd like to think it's a coincidence, but somehow, the combination of red, black and white, as well as the symbol of Hitler's death squads on those posters seems as more than that.

Will you just look at the following SS recruitment ad, two white lightnings at the bottom, two white lightnings on the nazi thug.

I'm getting more and more certain it is a nazi reference. Look at the lightning bolt in the left side of the banner, now look at it in the right side. The left lightning bolt is higher than the right one. Just like in the original SS pin.

Over a year after we've noticed that, the web page has been changed and the lightnings removed. No apology published so far. I believe this is concrete proof that this was not a coincidence, but a deliberate use of Nazi imagery. Why else would they hide it. More info in this post.


  • OK, you have found yet another pack of Nazis.

    There are alot more of them recently.

    Now what?

    By Anonymous Fenris Badwulf, at 12:27 AM, May 15, 2005  

  • Now what? How about now, people who have thought of boycotting Israel, or divesting would know the source of those initiatives. Those people would know the nature of the activists in these proposals.
    Now, they may not fall for it.
    I believe it's important to uncover the source of criticism against Israel. And while tries to pass itself as a political site, based on legitimate political oposition to the Israeli policies, I believe what I've just published here rips their mask off, and shows their true faces.

    By Blogger OnlyInIsrael, at 12:34 AM, May 15, 2005  

  • With all due respect, sir, let me explain myself.

    I believe they have stolen a march. Discussion about 'who' these activists are is yesterdays battle. The source of the criticism is ... a bunch of fanatics who hate your guts. Why debate 'who they are' ... these people are past the 'criticism' stage. They are organized, clever, and have learnt their lessons from the past.

    Pulling the covers of these fanatics does not work anymore. Get out of the twentieth century. Being called a 'nazi' does not sting like it used too.

    In Canada, where I live, you are a nazi if you question any aspect of left wing politics. Now real Nazis are gathering, and the common folk cannot tell between a nazi who smokes in public places and a nazi who questions abortion and a nazi who supports genocide. It is just a big bad word.

    Our education system does not teach history any more, just a litany of politcal correctness. I was in high school when they stopped teaching 'Canadas role in the second world war' because it was considered 'pro war'. The tolerance at any price policy of the left has opened the door to these fiends (the real nazis, that is).

    Anyway, you got your real nazis out there. Time to think about somthing other than letters to the editor or writing a petition.

    By Anonymous Fenris Badwulf, at 3:49 AM, May 15, 2005  

  • Well, what would you haev her do? I want to hear some recommendations instead of objections.

    Whatever little can be done by ripping of their mask does not represent a small victory. It is big. And, even though being called nazi these days is no big insult, when it is directly correlated with hitler's legacy the message is loud and clear. People can make the distinction between 'nazi' for not aggreing with my political viewpoint and 'nazi' for genocide and murder.
    I do not agree.

    By Blogger Internal Medicine Doctor, at 5:35 PM, May 20, 2005  

  • Do you actually believe that everyone opposed to Israel's actions in Palestine, and the Israeli lobby's influence in the U.S., is a Nazi? I support divestment from companies doing business with Israel, and I am not a Nazi, nor do I know any. Pushy attempts to demonize everyone who disagrees with you--in other words, being obnoxious--loses you far more ground than you gain by cleverly manipulating sophistries to win a debate here or there (which seems to be your goal, though I haven't seen it done successfully yet on this site).

    People can detect insincerity a mile away. No matter what how civil you try to be in public addresses to the gentiles, your contempt of them shines through.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:05 PM, January 14, 2006  

  • Anonymous, I don't believe that everyone oposed to Israel's actions is a nazi. I do believe that peoplw who deny Israel's right to exist are indeed racist and jewhating.
    Singling out Israel, reeks of racial hatetred.

    Noone is trying to demonize anyone. The point I'm making here is this, show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are. If your friends are the people presenting Nazi imagery on their website, it means something about YOU.

    By Blogger OnlyInIsrael, at 4:40 PM, January 14, 2006  

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