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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Mob mentality?

I've managed to read quite a lot responses to the terrorist attack carried out in Shefaram by a Kahanist lunatic. Israellycool has a nice summary of them right here.
I just noticed that many of the writers were criticizing the lynching of the terrorist and the fact he was taken cared off by the mob, and used this incident as an example of what they called "Arabic mob mentality".
I do agree some, or even most Arab cultures share a mob mentality, but I don't think it's true for Israeli arabs. In this incident, attacking the masses' response is hypocritical. The first thing I thought about the moment I heard about the public's response was this:

Some 180 friends and relatives of the Kardushov family had packed into a dance hall in the northern Israeli town of Hadera on Thursday night.

"He entered the wedding hall and started shooting towards the patio," one eyewitness said. "He started shooting at the people and then he began running."

Bottles and chairs were thrown at the attacker, who was pushed outside onto the street.

"I saw he was nervous, he couldn't reload," said the girl's father Constantine. "I quickly jumped on him. Me and my brother. I hit him, then all my relatives came, all my brothers. It was chaos."

The response was completely expectable, as the man just shot at these people's relatives. I don't think we, as Jews or Israelis have any right to criticize that response. We'd do the same, hell, we DID the same.


  • I'd agree but...

    If they mob had attacked him immediately it would be understandable but he had already been restrained by the Police and handcuffed when he was, allegedly, handed over to the mob.

    If true then thats murder no?

    I beleive there is some footage on Israeli TV showing this, not sure if you can verfiy?

    By Anonymous Zippy, at 1:36 AM, August 12, 2005  

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