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Friday, August 05, 2005

Terrorism and how society should respond.

I'm deeply ashamed today. Someone from my country, from my people, from my religion, comitted an act of terrorism. He attacked innocent civilians whose only fault was having a different religion. It's an act of terrorism no different than those comitted by the Islamic Jihad, Hamas, and Fateh-Tanzim. The only good thing I can say about it is that at the very least the murderer got what was coming to him from the people he attempted to kill and their relatives.
It is my sincere home, that the Arab citizens of Israel will not do anything to shake or damage the bond between them and Israeli Jews, and that even after such a horrible act of terrorism, the citizens of Israel will be able to continue coexisting peacefully.
I'm proud of the way Israeli society handled the attack. It should be an example to any nation, people or religion dealing with terrorism coming from its midst.
Sharon, Shalom and every other minister, called it immideately an act of terrorism and denounced it. The chief of staff has called it a terrorist attack and vowed to have an investigation carried out as to how the soldier wasn't caught after going AWOL with his weapon.
The police arrested, within hours of the attacks people suspected not of aiding the attack, but of merely knowing about it and not alerting the police.
The Defense minister refused to allow the murderer to be burried in a military cemetary next to IDF soldiers who died defending this country.
The mayor of Rishon Le-Tziyon refused to allow the murderer to be burried in his town saying on Channel 2 news: "He may have not respected the law, but I do. He moved his place of residence to Tapuah and I don't have to burry him here".
This is what a society should act like when a terrorist comes from its midst. It should puke him and his likes out of itself. Let's hope this is a lesson our neighbours will learn.


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