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Saturday, September 17, 2005

The new enemy of the Palestinians: Autistic kids

A former Israeli and walking pile of shit Daniel Machobar has got the British government to issue an arrest warrant against former Israeli general, and hero Doron Almog who has tried to visit Britain.
Former IDF Southern Commander Maj. Gen. (res.) Doron Almog was forced Sunday to abandon plans to visit Britain at the last minute, after Muslim groups charged him with crimes against humanity for "his military role against the Palestinian people."
Israel's ambassador in London, Tzvi Hefetz, spoke with Almog during the flight, advised him not to get off the plane, and said if he entered Britain he would be served with the claim.
It gets even worse. Apparently the Yesh Gvul movement, supporting Israelis who refuse to serve in the West Bank and Gaza has provided Machobar with the documents he filed the lawsuit with. The following interview with Machobar exposes surprizing statements which I believe should make anyone realise just what kind of a moonbat this man is. A few selected quotes:
In May 2005, Machover signed a letter in support of an academic boycott against Israeli universities, as adopted by Britain’s Association of University Teachers. The letter called on European governments to pass sanctions on Israeli universities.

In October 2000, Machover signed a letter which compared the Oslo peace process to “apartheid.”

“To the dismay of the Israeli government, the Palestinian people would not put up or shut up with apartheid masquerading as peace process. The barbaric Israeli response is the mowing down of unarmed civilians utilizing Apache (helicopter) gunships and tanks. Israel inflicts collective punishment, such as destruction of homes and the cutting of utilities. All because the Palestinians will not accept apartheid…. The truth is now out and the Oslo sham cannot be resurrected,” said the letter.

You see, to Machober even Oslo was racist, why? Because he supports the right of return and the desruction of Israel. And so do his clients.

Machover’s client, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights, is a politicized nongovernmental organization. The organization’s ‘philosophy’ page on its website condemns “Israel's violent campaign to crush the Al-Aqsa Intifada and maintain the Occupation since September 2000,” and omits any condemnation of Palestinian suicide terrorism against Israeli civilians.
The question remains. Why did Doron Almog come to London and why was it so important to the crazy self-hating jew to stop him. Did he try to collect money for the Israeli soldiers? Prehaps he was having secret talks negotiating weapon sells to Israel? Or maybe he was developing deadly bananas to be handed out to Palestinian children?
The answers are no, no and no. He was doing something much much worse. He was collecting money for a youth village for his retarted, autist son, Eran, and his friends.

Now, as chairman of Aleh Negev, Almog is leading a project to build Israel's first facility for the care of severely disabled adults – like Eran. Almog and his wife had been on thier way to England this week to participate in a fundraiser for Aleh Negev.

He had been planning to raise funds in the country for a children's village for severely disabled children that he plans to build in the Negev.

A story on his son Eran can be found here.

"Taking care of my boy -- that's the most immense challenge I've ever faced," says the trim general, sitting in his backyard, watching his son, Eran, frolic in a toddler's wading pool. Eran is 20. He wears a diaper, chews only baby food, and cannot speak. He is autistic and mentally retarded.

Eran has never said 'Dad' or 'Mom'. But when Almog calls his son, he looks up at him, his eyes beaming.

Oh the horror. The unimaginable war crimes of helping sick kids. He must be stopped. Thank you Britain, thank you Yesh Gvul, and thank you Daniel Machobar for stopping him.

Europeans found a scapegoat, it's Jews again.

The Brits have found someone to blame for the London bombings. No, it's not Muslim extremism. Certainly not religious brainwashing, or lack of coherent security checks to new immigrants. It's Jews, or more specifically, the Holocaust survivors and the Holocaust memorial day.

ADVISERS appointed by Tony Blair after the London bombings are proposing to scrap the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day because it is regarded as offensive to Muslims.

They want to replace it with a Genocide Day that would recognize the mass murder of Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya and Bosnia as well as people of other faiths.

How on earth can Holocaust memorial be offensive to anyone? Unless ofcourse you support it and encourage it. Noach Kliger, a Yediot Ahronot columnist had this to say. I think it sums it up perfectly.
The Sunday Times reported that the committee appointed by Prime Minister Tony Blair to Â?decrease the level of Muslim extremismÂ? in the UK has advised him to cancel Holocaust Day, which is remembered by most European countries on January 26. Why? Because Holocaust Day only deals with the suffering of the Jews while completely ignoring the MuslimsÂ? plight, thus instilling a sense of Â?alienationÂ? within the Muslim community.

So, according to the proposal, the commemoration of the Holocaust is guilty of the terror attacks carried out by these same frustrated Muslims; therefore, Holocaust Day must be canceled to appease them.

I strongly urge you to read it all.

Friday, September 16, 2005

How to treat holy sites.

This is the Netzarim synagogue 2 months ago:

This is the Netzarim synagogue last week:

This is Joseph's tomb in 1894:

This is Joseph's tomb in 2000:

This is the Beer-Sheva mosque in 2003. Although noone prays there anymore, the town preserved it and opened a museum in it.

This is Hassan Beck mosque in Tel Aviv. Still active, renovated in the heart of the Tel Aviv beach line.

The first pictures are example of barbarism and how a sick society, centered around death and destruction views other religions' holy sites. The last pictures are examples of how a modern, tolerant society treats different religions, even those who call for that society's destruction. I am honestly lost for words at the Palestinians' behavior. Not that I expected better, I just find it hard to see how such a society can be negotiated with, before their entire education system is changed and that horrible hatred towards other people's religion disappears.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

A more efficient IDF.

Two days ago I saw a performance by the IDF theater. That's right, the IDF theater.
Apparently there are soldiers whose job in the army is to move between bases and preform stand-up comedy, musical style songs and attempt to entertain the troops, which hardly works when dozens young men want to watch a basketball (Israel-Czech, we won) game taking place at the same time their show is.
After the show (and the game) I stuck around and talked to the IDF theater soldiers. Apparently they're home everyday, they get the weekends off and only get called when some unit wants a performance (or in case there's a really good game on TV, this way they can take the fun away with lengthily lame jokes). And I realized that they're serving in an entirely different army.
They probably have more friends then I do. They've surely dated more girls. Some of them must have civilian jobs, whether with permits or without them. They may even finish the military with a few university courses already finished. But they will also demobilize with an entirely different set of experiences and knowledge.
They have no idea what 8 hours on a checkpoint feel like, or what's its like to be completely silent for hours waiting in an ambush for absolutely NOTHING. They get decent bases, good food, they sleep at home, they don't worry about when they'll get home, or when their next shift, or how many hours of sleep will they get tonight.
I'm not saying that everyone should be at their bases for atleast a week and not sleep at home, but the general feeling is that there are far too many Jobniks living in far too good conditions.
During the disengagement it was especially obvious. The army took almost 40,000 Jobnikim (soldiers with deskjob positions) out of their air-conditioned offices and put them in the field (Atleast a so-called field, they had catering, and Burger Kings, and Domino's Pizza at their tent camp). The military continues operating fine without them. They've been out of their offices for almost 70 days (training included) and everything continued as usual. This, in my opinion, is the best evidence that the entire deskjob sector in the army is inflated. There are plenty of people who are virtually unemployed. People who sit around and do nothing all day, who could be used for better roles in the army.
If 1% of those soldiers would go to combat roles instead of getting deskjob positions, you'd get a new battalion. That's just 1%! Imagine 10%. On a ratio of 4 soldiers per one air-conditioned office that would be 1000 less rooms to handle. 1000 less computers to buy. It would entirely change the face of the IDF. Combat soldiers will be home more. Less funds will be diverted to people who are de-facto unemployed in their air-conditioned offices, and more funds will reach the field units. And yeah, the remaining 90% of people who hold deskjob positions might get a bigger workload, they might go home at 5PM every day instead of 3PM.
But that's logical. That could never work in the army. I sincerely have no hope for the situation changing. And I must say, one of the problems I had with officers' course, is the lack of logic in the military. Just a tad more logic an I'd sign up.

Another response to ISMer

I've came back from the army to discover that, as usual ISMer bothered to publish a flud of lies, logical fallacies and misleading articles on this blog. As I previously stated, I believe in two things. First, I believe in free speech, which is why I do not erase posts written by people with opposing, even racist views, unless they contain vile racism or are outright flooding of the blog. And second, I believe that lies should not go unchallenged and must be responded to (which obviously isn't the approach of the Israeli government or we wouldn't have the PR crap we're having in Europe).

The ICJ, holds no authority on Israel or the international law. It was established half a century after the Geneva convention was written and is not mentioned in the original convention. It has no authority whatsoever over Israel, as Israel hasn't ratified it, and that's part of its charter.
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International are groups which have no authority in imposing or enforcing international law. They're independent NGOs whose self-acclaimed job is to monitor Human Rights worldwide, not enforce, and certainly not make decisions on what's legal and what isn't.
B'tselem is a communist organization, founded by the Israeli communist party (Hadash). It's a political organization, and doesn't try to distance itself from its political stance, so it has even less credibility than HRW or AI have.
Now let's go over ISMers claims one by one:

Wrong. People buy land according to US law and terms regulated by the US government, as in all sovereign countries. Sovereign countries generally establish laws that prevent foreign countries or other groups from taking control of their citizens' land and property. In any case, as sovereign governments they establish laws based on the perceived interest of their citizens.

Palestinians have not been allowed to establish such laws regarding land purchase or to regulate land purchase. Instead, as B'Tselem explains, Israel imposes a hodge-podge of past laws and military laws, and exploits them to Israel's advantage.
Palestinians don't have a country, or do I have to remind you that? They therefore have no right to make laws which regulate land sell, and even so, it would still be legal to buy land there, because if you're suggesting that the Palestinians would modify their laws to prohibit foreigners from owning land, that means many Jordanians, Iraqis, Saudis, Kuwaitis, Israeli arabs and American arabs would lose their lands which they rightfully bought, just like settlers did.
You can buy land in the West Bank and Gaza just like you can buy land in France, or Canada, or Russia. It has the same degree of private ownership and it's equally your property whether you're a Jew, or not. Establishing closed, fenced communities is also perfectly legal, which makes settlement a completely legal form of privately owned land used as a closed community.

Additionally, however, I personally know many, many Palestinians whose land was taken from them by force by the Israeli military or settlers, not bought, and many others who says that land sale documents are false, forged, etc.. In fact, Israeli settlers have a whole industry and well-established practices for forging land sale documents for Palestinian land.
Right... Amazing how these people who "never sold their land" live in fancy houses in nice neighborhoods all of a sudden. There's clear proof that that land was bought. There are money transfers, signatures, land registry records which document that sell.
I'm not even discussing settlements who have in fact existed on that land long before many of the people now calling themselves "Palestinians" established their villages. Like the Jewish community in Hebron, Gush Etsion, Ramat Rahel and even the now evacuated Kfar Darom in Gaza. These communities existed there prior to Israel's independence was, and therefore have complete and legal ownership of that land and a right to settle there once it's made possible by ending the state of war.
And as for land taken by military or settlers, well, you see, one is legal, the other isn't. The military taking land for its use is completely legal by the Hague Regulations. Using it for civilian use, isn't. So, what you're trying to do here, is take the military needs of Israel, which are perfectly within the International law, and connect them with settlements. It's a nice try but that won't work. The occupying power's military (even if that would apply to the West Bank and Gaza) has a complete right to appropriate private property as long as its for security use according to the Hague regulations. Not to mention Israeli military generally uses to pay rent for the houses it uses as military positions even though it isn't obligated to.

the Israeli government has had a clear policy of encouraging settlers to move into the Occupied Territories, a government policy of transferring its population. Subsidies, support and assistance were given by the Israeli government that encouraged and supported Israeli settlers to move to the Occupied Territories.
So? The Israeli government has the right to encourage its citizens to live where it sees fit. It has no relation to the Geneva Convention's section which says:
The Occupying Power shall not deport or transfer parts of its own civilian population into the territory it occupies.
The article deals with transferring population, not people voluntarily moving to land they privately bought. Giving subsidies isn't "transfer". As long as no Jews were mounted on busses and thrown on the eastern side of the Green line, it's not a transfer, and is perfectly legal.
Trying to claim that settlements are what this article refers to would be a lie, as it was written before settlements existed, of any kind and in any country, and was written to refer to acts taken during WW2, such as transferring Jewish population out of Germany or acts taken shortly after it, like the mass deportation of Germans out of Sudetland into Germany.
You know it was written for that cause, and you're using it for your own goals, eliminating the context it was written in and deliberately not using the exact quote of the article. This is why your complaints of Israel using British mandatory laws in the West Bank are hypocrisy.
The settlements are perfectly legal, and it would take enormous efforts of lies, twisting international documents and misquoting the international law to get anyone to believe otherwise.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Eye on Israel

I've discovered an excellent site, titled "Eye On Israel" which presents an interactive map of Israel, with great information on tourist sites and great graphic interface. Specificly check out the old city of Jerusalem, although all of it is good.
Apparently it's a JNF project. Seriously, one of the best sites I've seen about touring Israel.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Up yours, Barenboim!

It looks like Daniel Barenboim is at it again. After playing Vagner in an Israeli national music festival, thus spitting in the face of holocaust survivors whose entire families went to the gas chambers to that exact music, comes a new expression of hatered towards his own people:
Barenboim refused to be interviewed by an Army Radio reporter because she was wearing her Israel Defense Forces uniform.

Barenboim was approached Thursday by the reporter, Dafna Arad, during the launch of a book he wrote with the late Edward Said, a leading Palestinian intellectual. The event was held in an exclusive hotel in the Jewish neighborhood of Yemin Moshe in western Jerusalem.

"I wanted to interview Barenboim very much and to ask him about the concert he conducted in Ramallah last week, about his musical vision and more. But he wouldn't agree to talk to me, and started signing the book. I insisted. Then he said he refused to be interviewed by a soldier in a uniform and that he will agree to talk to me only if I come to him in civilian clothes," Arad said in a report on Army Radio.

Barenboim, in case you were wondering grew up in Israel, and although he dodged the draft (an early sign for the scum he'll grow up to be), the IDF is the military thanks to which he ever got to adult age. He's an ungratefull, self-hating bastard with no honour whatsoever to the people who defend him and his likes. He has clearly nothing to seek in Israel. I sincerely hope he moves to Ramallah and lives with his friends there, see how that works out for him.
Hey Barenboim, don't make me break my IDF-uniform-wearing-foot up your ass.