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Friday, September 02, 2005

Up yours, Barenboim!

It looks like Daniel Barenboim is at it again. After playing Vagner in an Israeli national music festival, thus spitting in the face of holocaust survivors whose entire families went to the gas chambers to that exact music, comes a new expression of hatered towards his own people:
Barenboim refused to be interviewed by an Army Radio reporter because she was wearing her Israel Defense Forces uniform.

Barenboim was approached Thursday by the reporter, Dafna Arad, during the launch of a book he wrote with the late Edward Said, a leading Palestinian intellectual. The event was held in an exclusive hotel in the Jewish neighborhood of Yemin Moshe in western Jerusalem.

"I wanted to interview Barenboim very much and to ask him about the concert he conducted in Ramallah last week, about his musical vision and more. But he wouldn't agree to talk to me, and started signing the book. I insisted. Then he said he refused to be interviewed by a soldier in a uniform and that he will agree to talk to me only if I come to him in civilian clothes," Arad said in a report on Army Radio.

Barenboim, in case you were wondering grew up in Israel, and although he dodged the draft (an early sign for the scum he'll grow up to be), the IDF is the military thanks to which he ever got to adult age. He's an ungratefull, self-hating bastard with no honour whatsoever to the people who defend him and his likes. He has clearly nothing to seek in Israel. I sincerely hope he moves to Ramallah and lives with his friends there, see how that works out for him.
Hey Barenboim, don't make me break my IDF-uniform-wearing-foot up your ass.


  • So let's see, Daniel Barenboim works for a future of co-existance between Palestinians and Israelis, and therefore you disdain him ?

    Barenboim is critical of the many illegal acts committed by the Israeli government and Israeli Army, and therefore you must verbally and physically attack him ?

    Why is it that I am now not having trouble picturing you assaulting innocent Palestinian civilians, as so many of your fellow Israeli soldiers do ? Beat a few Palestinians as they try and peacefully protest ? And why not beat Lazer along with Barenboim ? For that matter, why not physically attack all Israelis who are concerned with Palestinian rights ?

    A little mindless violence anyone ?

    Since you are blogging today, it seems unlikely that you were among the Israeli soldiers who, unprovoked, shot teargas and threw sound bombs into the mosque in Bili'n today, even before they were able to leave the center of town for a peaceful protest:

    Too bad, seems like the type of thing you would have enjoyed it.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:31 PM, September 02, 2005  

  • By the way, it looks like ISM Media is doing pretty well. So ridicule them if you'd like, but I haven't seen you guys in the New York Times recently:
    Today, as on most every Friday now, a demonstration of Palestinian, Israeli and foreign protesters against the building of the barrier near the West Bank village of Bilin produced arrests and injuries. The Israeli Army has declared the area a closed military zone to try to stop the protests, which continue. Today soldiers fired tear gas, stun grenades and rubber bullets to try to keep protestors from interfering, according to Greta Berlin, a demonstrator from the International Solidarity Movement. Soldiers also manhandled some protestors, she said.

    One soldier was injured lightly after he was assaulted by an Israeli demonstrator, the army said. The demonstrators say that the army initiated the violence to disperse them. Two demonstrators were arrested and two people were injured, but up to a dozen suffered from the tear gas, according to Israel radio.

    "We face them with backpacks, sandals and signs," Ms. Berlin said. "They face us in full riot gear."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:36 PM, September 02, 2005  

  • Daniel Barenboim works for the future destruction of Israel, has no respect whatsoever for holocaust survivors, or his own government's decisions and laws.
    He sympathizes with Edward Said (who has attacked an IDF position on the international border) and dedicated his life to smearing the state of Israel and its supporters.
    Back in the 50s, when someone dared to harm holocuast survivors like Barenboim did, he'd get his arms broken by holocaust survivors. They're old now, so all they can do is shout a bit, which is why Barenboim has the guts to disregard the feelings of the people who suffered so that he could live a happy childhood.
    As for his hatered for the military of the country he grew up in, it's something that needs to get treated by psychiatry.
    And as for the protestors today in Bil'in, it's a lovely attempt at libel. Because you and I both know, that there is absolutely no way that the people of Bil'in would allow non-muslims into their mosque, specifically, female leftist activists.
    Anyone who has ever been in the West Bank knows that, and that lie is easy to spot.

    By Blogger OnlyInIsrael, at 1:21 AM, September 03, 2005  

  • Wow, soldier/blogger you've kind of lost it here.

    Barenboim should have his arms broken? He's a scumbag? I'm quite worried that you are allowed to have a gun.

    Edward Sa'id, a man in his sixties who was dying of leukemia, once in his life tossed a stone (tossed as a dying man in his sixties could) towards the border fence with Lebanon. This for you "is attacking an IDF position." I guess according to Israeli army rules of engagement, he should have been shot ? Still, this is the type of distortion of reality that might make you a good candidate for Israeli army spokesperson.

    And why are you saying that there were non-Muslim, international women in the mosque ? There is no indication of that. In the Ha'aretz report, a male Israeli activist says, "I saw two tear gas grenades and one stun grenade fired into the mosque itself." Obviously he witnessed this from outside the mosque. In the New York Times article, the American woman does not comment on the mosque incident.

    So, despite your efforts to discredit what the activists said, there were no female, international activists inside the mosque. Your claim bears no resemblance to what is in the stories.

    Don't worry about the truth, or about your little anger management problem.

    This was really not your best blogging day. Maybe you need a long rest in India ?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:55 AM, September 03, 2005  

  • Woops, my mistake, you did not say that the internationally renowned and respected artist Daniel Barenboim is a "scumbag." You wrote: "(an early sign for the scum he'll grow up to be)... He's an ungratefull, self-hating bastard with no honour".


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:00 AM, September 03, 2005  

  • I guess these photos of Israeli soldiers kicking a peaceful protester in Bil'in today are lies and libelous, just like the newspaper articles ?

    Maybe like Daniel Barenboim, they deserved to have their bones broken for being critical of Israeli policies ?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:52 AM, September 03, 2005  

  • I never suggested Barenboim should have his arms broken. I merely pointed out that have we been in the 50s, the holocaust survivors would reacted in that way. My personal suggestion in regards to Barenboim is clear. He should go live in Ramallah, with his Palestinian friends. I wish him best of luck there, and a merry lynching by his new "friends".
    Edward Said attacked an IDF position on the international border. This is a FACT. His age, health condition and whatever isn't relevant, it proves his views of the state of Israel, and his willingness to resort to violence against a military position on the international border.
    The entire mosque claim is a sham. It make no sense whatsoever.
    As for the photos, I have to admit the soldier there is misbehaving, although, I have no idea of the context, prehaps a video footage would give us better idea.
    The second photo shows clearly that the IDF wants the bagpack of the protestor. I wonder what was found in there. Firebombs? rocks?
    But the press stopped taking photos or haven't published the photos it took from that point on. Typical.
    Oh and just for the record, I haven't said Daniel Barenboim is a scumbag the first time. So I'll use this oportunity
    Daniel Barenboim is a scumbag.

    And a future notice. I'm tired of you misquoting me ISMer. If you want to make a claim, back it by a quote.

    By Blogger OnlyInIsrael, at 6:23 PM, September 03, 2005  

  • Direct quote by soldier/blogger threatening violence:

    "Hey Barenboim, don't make me break my IDF-uniform-wearing-foot up your ass."

    Direct quote from soldier/blogger reminiscing fondly about the violence of the past:

    "Back in the 50s, when someone dared to harm holocuast survivors like Barenboim did, he'd get his arms broken by holocaust survivors. They're old now, so all they can do is shout a bit, which is why Barenboim has the guts to disregard the feelings of the people who suffered so that he could live a happy childhood."

    Edward Said threw a stone in the direction of an Israeli military post that was one half mile away from him ! That is not "attacking and IDF position on the international border", except perhaps under Israeli army rules of engagement, which probably would have allowed a sniper to shoot him (like Tom Hurndall, James Miller, Imam Al Hams in Rafah and so many other Palestinians).

    I've witnessed the Israeli army attack mosques in other villages protesting the Wall, so I believe the claim about Bil'in that was documented in Ha'aretz.

    Of course the peaceful protester did not have rocks or firebombs. Again, a nice attempt to deflect responsibility and attention from armed Israeli soldiers kicking an unarmed, peaceful protester who is lying helplessly on the ground. The soldier was grabbing for the backpack as a way to control and disorient the peaceful protester. I've frequently witnessed and experienced Israeli soldiers and security grabbing protesters backpacks and pulling them over the faces of peaceful protesters as a way to control and disorient them.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:44 PM, September 03, 2005  

  • Hello,

    Why do you give a shit about ISMer?
    He is a traitor...

    I think you have a fascinating blog, but from time to time you lose lots of time with bastards like Baremboim and ISMer...instead of telling us about the life in the front lines of the War against Barbarism.

    About your fellow soldiers and the IDF...

    Good luck!

    By Blogger Kantor, at 10:13 PM, September 03, 2005  

  • Kantor: "Tell us about the life in the front lines of the War against Barbarism.

    About your fellow soldiers and the IDF..."

    Kantor, please see photos below re fellow soldiers and war against barbarism:

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:09 PM, September 03, 2005  

  • I did not look back at the 50s with appreciation, I have pointed out though that has Barenboim attempted it then, he WOULD indeed get beaten up

    As for Edward Said, It's a sad lie. He stood in front of an IDF position on the international border and threw rocks at IDF soldiers.

    And as for the protestor, like I said, we didn't get a complete picture of what happened there, we only saw the aftermath, and, from my personal experience, those bags usually contain firebombs, rocks or pepperspray to attack soldiers with.

    By Blogger OnlyInIsrael, at 3:11 AM, September 04, 2005  

  • Where's the restraint in Bil'in?

    By Haaretz Editorial

    After proving their sensitivity and intelligence in dispersing the demonstrations in Gush Katif, the Israel Defense Forces and police could have been expected to apply the same policy in handling the demonstrators against the separation fence in the village of Bil'in.

    The IDF and police did not fire at the protesters on the roof in Kfar Darom, even when the latter threw dangerous substances at them, and they refrained from using force even against violent protesters. Similarly, it could have been hoped that the soldiers would hold their fire when facing left-wing and Palestinian protesters.

    Instead, outrageous images are published week after week of soldiers kicking left-wing demonstrators and firing salt or rubber-coated bullets - showing their general contempt for the right to legitimate protest.

    Three different judges have recently castigated the defense forces for the excessive use of force in Bil'in. Despite this, they once again fired at the demonstrators, this time - last Friday - even before they had left the village area toward the fence.

    The demonstrations of the West Bank villagers, whose lands have been confiscated for the construction of the separation fence, have been taking place for the past two years. Together with the petitions to the High Court of Justice, they are a legitimate and sometimes effective means of protest against the annexation of land intended to expand settlements, under the pretense of building the fence. The lands taken from the residents of Bil'in, some of which are privately owned, are mostly intended to expand existing settlements, but also to build a new settlement called Nahlat Heftziba.

    Expropriating more than half the village's lands for nonsecurity purposes arouses unnecessary anger, and it is doubtful whether such measures are necessary or wise. The flexible building plans of the settlements are in dispute. In Bil'in's case, it is doubtful whether there are even confirmed plans.

    Demonstrations that took place in other villages have been effective in getting the fence line moved closer to the Green Line. In Bil'in, the residents still hope their protest will reduce the scope of the disaster.

    The demonstrations in Bil'in and the adjacent villages have become the Palestinians' main protest against the continued expansion of the settlements, and they are even dubbed the "fence intifada." If the authorities are thinking of putting an end to these demonstrations forcibly, and taking protesters into preventive detention, they should also consider the alternative. There is a fear that the legitimate and very restricted "fence intifada" will lead to the eruption of another armed intifada.

    The separation fence is a means to stop terror, but all the sides know that its line marks, to a large extent, the future border between Israel and the Palestinian state. The attempt to annex more territories, to build more settlements and to arouse more hatred among those whose land is confiscated is superfluous.

    The most obvious lesson from the dismantling of the Gaza settlements is that they should never have been set up in the first place. One day's settlement success became another day's political and security millstone. The injustice imposed on Bil'in residents could still be fixed. But, in any case, the village's legitimate right to protest must not be tampered with.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:40 PM, September 06, 2005  

  • New, long responses to Only in Israel and Manker re international law at the end of the link below. My responses show that settlements are illegal and that the West Bank and Gaza Strip are clearly occupied according to international law:

    Speaking of sad lies (per our soldier/blogger above) this is clearly one. The soldier/blogger claims that nonviolent protesters's backpacks "usually contain firebombs, rocks or pepperspray to attack soldiers with."

    I would like the soldier/blogger to document even a single case using a news article or a photo to support his claim. I'll even listen for his "personal experience." Anyone with such things in their backpack at a protest would probably be expelled from ISM.

    By using the word "usually" the soldier/blogger is greatly distorting reality here. Perhaps there has been a single case, but I have never heard or witnessed any.

    Well, Edward Sai'd said he was one half mile from an Israeli military installation. The photo does not show enough to be sure. I sure believe Edward Sa'id over our soldier/blogger.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:22 PM, September 07, 2005  

  • So, Gaza was Occupied?
    Date posted: September 10, 2005
    By Daoud Kuttab

    For 37 years, Israel has consistently rejected Palestinians' and the world view that the status of the areas its military took in 1967 was occupied. When Israel was not using the biblical terms of Judea and Samaria (to refer to the West Bank) they used the terms "administered territories" or "disputed territories". That is until now.

    After the evacuation of the illegal Jewish settlers and before the resolution of the international crossings, the Israelis want Palestinians to say the "O" word.

    Despite Israel's refusal to allow the reopening of Yasser Arafat International Airport in Gaza and the Rafah crossing point between Palestinian Gaza and Egypt, the Israelis want Palestinians to publicly proclaim that the occupation of Gaza is over. Well, to be exact, some in the Israeli government (mostly those in the National Security Council) want this statement, while Israeli officials in the foreign ministry are simply interested in a Palestinian statement saying that the Palestinian Authority and not Israel will (after the Israeli army leaves most of Gaza) be the party overall responsible for the strip.

    Israeli officials and columnists are surprised that Palestinians are not too enthusiastic about rushing to make a declaration which they have been hoping to make for some time.

    The official Palestinian reluctance is understandable as long as the airport and the land crossings (with all that means in security, customs and administrative responsibility) are not fully and permanently in Palestinian hands. Partial control means partial sovereignty and therefore partial end of occupation. Ending occupation is like pregnancy. You can't be half pregnant.

    But if these two sovereign crossings are fully placed in Palestinian hands, Israel would have a stronger case in making the claim that the PA needs to declare an end to occupation.

    I personally think that the Palestinian leadership should not make any one-sided declaration about the full or partial end of the occupation until the Israelis are willing to make a much simpler declaration. By asking Palestinians to declare an end to occupation, they need to admit themselves that there was an occupation in Gaza and that there still is an occupation in the West Bank.

    While such an Israeli acknowledgement would be nothing more than a recognition of the reality that it has been literally occupying Palestinians since 1967, such an admission would have far-reaching consequences.

    The Fourth Geneva Convention, which was devised specifically to deal with cases of prolonged occupation (following the German occupation of most of Europe), deals specifically with the rights of persons (and property) in occupied territories. The Israeli government has consistently refused to recognise the Palestinian (as well as the Syrian) areas as occupied and therefore has not felt obliged to fulfil the mandate that such a recognition would entitle people under occupation.

    International humanitarian law (of which the Fourth Geneva Convention is part) specifies, for example, that the occupying power is not allowed to take citizens from occupied territories into its country and is not allowed to bring its own citizens to live in occupied areas. So, now that the Israeli violation of bringing settlers illegally to the occupied areas has been rectified, it is natural to demand that Palestinians imprisoned in jails in Israel (also denied family visits since the Intifada) should be released into the areas that Israel is demanding Palestinians to say is no longer occupied.

    Impeding movement of local citizens within occupied areas is also illegal, according to international law. Not only does this make the Israeli closures between West Bank cities and between these cities and occupied East Jerusalem illegal, it also makes illegal closure between freed Gaza and still occupied West Bank.

    Declaring the end of occupation in Gaza should be equated with the recognition of the continuation of the occupation and, thus, all the Israeli violations still taking place in the West Bank, the latest of which was the illegal decision to build yet another 117 illegal houses in the Nablus-area exclusive settlement of Ariel for citizens of the occupying power.

    Once Palestinians take full control and sovereignty over all of Gaza, including the borders with Egypt, they should begin rebuilding and using the international airport and simultaneously declare the end of the occupation in Gaza and demand the same for all remaining occupied territories that were forcefully taken in June 1967.

    Source: Jordan Times, 9 September. 2005

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:29 PM, September 10, 2005  

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