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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Photos from Bilin

Levy, of Israeliguitar went on a photo trip to Bi'ilin, and came back with several revealing photos (sorry if you've already seen them at Israellycool).
First there's this photo, which is quite special, because it's really really rare to see beached whales like this, before the Greenpeace crowd covers them with wet rugs and tosses them back into the water.

And second there's this photo. Hmmm. "Shower sparingly, you're not a proper activist unless you smell". Such lovely people.

Heh, atleast they admit it now, remember how many angry comments I got when I wrote in this post, a few months ago:
The look they have is one of spoiled kids. Checking their ID's, most of them come from northern Tel Aviv, or subrubia, and although their look of choice is one of a hobo who have never heard the words "shampoo" or "deodorant"

The end of the Blogging break

Well, as you've probably noticed, I've taken a short blogging break, mostly because I haven't been home a lot in the last month or so. I'm back now.
A few additions to the blog is a spam protection, which will cause you all to type a short text code before your message will be posted. Sorry for the inconvenience but my blog wasn't intended to offer "good mortage rates", "free Cialis" and not be the ground for some Nigerian old guy looking to transfer large sums of money out of the country.
Another thing I want to add to the blog is the "Funniest search link reference" In which I will list the funniest key words used in a search engine to find my blog so far.
Oh also, new posting rules. Want to comment? That's great. Want to refer us to news articles? Cool. Don't post the whole article. Post a link, and quote up to three paragraphs. I feel that posting entire webpages in the comments page, makes it uncomfortable to read and slows the debate.