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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Photos from Bilin

Levy, of Israeliguitar went on a photo trip to Bi'ilin, and came back with several revealing photos (sorry if you've already seen them at Israellycool).
First there's this photo, which is quite special, because it's really really rare to see beached whales like this, before the Greenpeace crowd covers them with wet rugs and tosses them back into the water.

And second there's this photo. Hmmm. "Shower sparingly, you're not a proper activist unless you smell". Such lovely people.

Heh, atleast they admit it now, remember how many angry comments I got when I wrote in this post, a few months ago:
The look they have is one of spoiled kids. Checking their ID's, most of them come from northern Tel Aviv, or subrubia, and although their look of choice is one of a hobo who have never heard the words "shampoo" or "deodorant"


  • This is very funny. I looked at the pictures and read the blog. Where are the problems?

    In the ISM house there are posters about the Wall falling, resisting the Wall, a poster implying that Condoleeza Rice is a terrorist (I agree), and the martyr poster for the five unarmed Palestinian protesters who were shot dead (OK, one died from teargas inhalation) by the Israeli Army in March, 2004 in Biddu during protests against the Wall there.

    The ISMers point out that Palestinians only have a tiny percentage of the water that Israelis have because Israel steals Palestinian water. So activists should conserve water and bathe infrequently. Therefore, the activists will not smell as nicely as most Israelis who have the luxury of using up another people's water. Something is wrong with that?

    Of course, included in the photos of "ISMers" are a number of Israelis, not just Leiser. Seemingly the visitors are unable to identify who is Israeli and who is not.

    The visitors have their picture taken with one of Bil'in's protest organizers Mohammed El Khatib. He looks like a dangerous, awful guy who clearly hates Israelis!?!?

    And the visitors discover that a majority of Palestinians support Fateh, with Hamas as the second most popular party (Hamas' popularity has grown largely as a result of Israeli tactics). Read an opinion poll or the newspaper!

    These are a lot of major revelations! Inside ISM, that supposedly horrible, dangerous movement, and this is what the visitors discover?

    Once again, ISM, the Israeli anarchists and the Palestinian nonviolent movement prove that they have absolutely nothing to hide and everything to be proud of. The Israeli army sends undercover agents to catch these people and the Israeli government launches a major PR offensive against them? What does this tell you about the screwed up priorities of the Israeli army and the Israeli government?

    The questions remains, why is Israel so scared of Palestinians, Israelis and internationals standing together in nonviolent protest against Israeli occupation and the confiscation of Palestinian land?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:26 AM, October 26, 2005  

  • And by the way, Israeliguitar's website opens featuring a map showing all of British Mandate Palestine, with no borders for the West Bank and Gaza.

    How did he/she even know he/she was in the West Bank in Bil'in? I guess Israeliguitar is another Israeli who supports greater Israel.

    No wonder many Israelis don't know that the Wall is not built on the Green Line. Many have made a concerted effort to erase the Green Line from their consciousness.

    It's funny how when Palestinians show maps with no borders for Israel, Israelis go on and on about it, saying it shows that Palestinians seek the destruction of Israel. However Israelis use the same maps just as frequently and seem to think there is nothing wrong when they do it.

    Some day you will be forced to wake up from you hypocrisy folks.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:40 PM, October 27, 2005  

  • The ISMers point out that Palestinians only have a tiny percentage of the water that Israelis have because Israel steals Palestinian water. So activists should conserve water and bathe infrequently. Therefore, the activists will not smell as nicely as most Israelis who have the luxury of using up another people's water. Something is wrong with that?

    Well, there are a few things wrong with that: the major one is you being a liar.
    "Israelis steal water from Palestinians"? Bullshit. The Mount aquifer is NOT ENOUGH to provide water to the palestinians living in the west bank and gaza. Israel adds water to that supply from lake Tiberias, just to supply the water needs of Palestinians. In an event a Palestinian state will be established the Palestinians will need a constant supply of water from Israel in the near future till they find a better solution and that is a fact.
    As for the lack of water infrastractuer in Bil'in. Bil'in has been "Area B" (Palestinian civil control) for the last 12 years since the Oslo agreement in 1993. That means the Palestinian authority is exclusively responsibly for supplying the residents with water infrastructure. Not Israel, Not the UN, Not the Europeans. The Palestinian Authority. They didn't. Why should I give a rat's ass about people who aren't citizens of my country, do NOT pay taxes, and spend their time executing or aiding terrorist attacks against innocent civilians?

    "Once again, ISM, the Israeli anarchists and the Palestinian nonviolent movement prove that they have absolutely nothing to hide and everything to be proud of."

    Did you brouse through the entire photo album? The photos where Palestinians use slings to attack Israeli troops with rocks in deadly speed? That's "non violent"? Let me clue you in:

    Throwing rocks=violence.
    Beating policemen and military=violence.
    Building a fence=non violence.

    It's sad that when Israel finally does it's best to create a non violent means to stop terrorists instead of... say.. declaring the entire region close to the green line a closed military zone and shooting to kill everything that moves in the region, like any other country would do, you whine about it more than ever.
    The fence scares you. I can see that and I know why. It's non-violent. It stops terrorism, and with no terrorism you can't get the publicity you're used to get for your sick cause of depriving the Jews of the only state they have.

    It's funny how when Palestinians show maps with no borders for Israel, Israelis go on and on about it, saying it shows that Palestinians seek the destruction of Israel. However Israelis use the same maps just as frequently and seem to think there is nothing wrong when they do it.

    Newsflash for ISMer. Palestinians want a state, they don't have one. Israel is an existing state, and has been such for the last 54 and a half years.
    Denying the existance of a state, is NOT compared to not mentioning a NON-EXISTANT supposed country which some group claims as it own.
    You might as well ask that maps mention Atlantis, Mordor and Hogwarts.
    Palestine doesn't exist as a state and never has. It's a geographical region. And until a time comes when such a state exists, there is absolutely no need to paint in on maps.
    A RELEVANT comparisment (as oposed to the cheap populism you're practicing) would be a map of the middle east with Jordan wiped out and Israel written all over it. That would be as stupid as maps who label Israel after a non-existant country.
    As for the Green Line, there is no reason to paint it at all. The green line is the place where Israeli troops stopped 5 arab armies from advancing and pushing us into the sea. It's merely their stopping point. Nothing more, nothing less. It's not a future border (although it's likely a future border will be based on that line), it's a past border. Marking the Green Line would be like marking the border of Alsace in France to the region where invading Germans got to in WW2.
    Like the 5 armies which invaded Israel in 1948 and lost, repeatedly attempting to wipe out israel and ending up losing more and more land, the Nazis lost land too. Somehow, no sane German would ever dare to demand land from the Czech republic, Poland or Russia (Danzig, anyone?).
    But hey, why should logic be applied to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

    By Blogger OnlyInIsrael, at 12:07 AM, October 28, 2005  

  • Um, you're not joking? You really believe that Israeli is not stealing Palestinians' water and using a vastly disproportionate share of the water? Swimming pools and green lawns in Gush Katif, and on the other side of the fence in Khan Yunis sand and people with no water? The same in Hebron as another example...

    "The severe water shortage, which results directly from Israeli policy since 1967, violates the basic right of residents of the Occupied Territories to minimal living conditions. This policy is based on an unfair division of resources shared by Israel and the Palestinians. Israel created a system of restrictions that prevents the Palestinians from utilizing their water resources in a manner that meets their basic needs and the population's natural birth rate. Despite its responsibility towards the residents of the Occupied Territories, Israel has not ensured them an alternative supply of water. This system of restrictions, together with Israel's serious neglect of the water system in the Occupied Territories, blatantly discriminates between Palestinians and Israeli citizens."

    "Israel restricted Palestinian utilization of water resources in several ways: imposing bureaucratic obstacles related to drilling new wells; establishing quotas on the quantity of water drawn from the wells and imposing heavy fines for violators; expropriation of wells owned by Palestinians and declaring them absentee property; precluding access by declaring land a closed military area or a nature reserve; neglect in caring for the municipal water-system networks, as part of Israel's overall neglect of infrastructure in the Occupied Territories. This neglect has resulted in leakage and loss of large amounts of water. All these actions by Israel prevent the Palestinians from receiving sufficient water to meet their needs, and creates structural inequality in division of the shared water sources. Some Palestinian residents, mostly farmers, compound the problem by stealing water from the network supplying water to Palestinian towns and villages..."

    B'Tselem source interviewed:
    "We are talking about mainly the mountain aquifer and the Jordan River system. Regarding the first one Israel exploits approximately 80% of the renewal water resources, and the Palestinians the remaining 20%.

    "Regarding the Jordan River system, the Palestinians do not have any access."

    The Sea of Galilee can supply parts of Israel, but not the Palestinian areas
    Mr Lein added that the conflict in the region had dramatically exacerbated the problem...

    "Israel has taken advantage of its control of the West Bank in order to appropriate more water sources and to prevent Palestinians from developing new water sources that are under the land."

    "Israel has controlled water supplies in the West Bank and Gaza Strip since it first occupied the areas in 1967."


    The Wall was built within the West Bank in a manner such as to take over control of large parts of the Western Mountain Aquifer in the Qalqilya/Tulkarem area. Why do you think they built the wall where they did deep inside the West Bank and putting many major Palestinian wells on the "Israeli side?" To take the water.

    Regarding rock throwing, no one said boys weren't doing it. But the boys generally don't do it at the demonstrations. You soldiers often provoke it with your violence first, and the violence used by Israeli soldiers like you is vastly disproportionate compared to the danger posed by rock throwing. The boys sometimes throw rocks when the soldiers begin attacking the protesters, or when you soldiers enter the village.

    And let's not forget that there are at least two cases in Bil'in where the Israeli government has admitted that it actually sent undercover agents into demonstrations who began throwing stones in Bil'in! That's two cases where they admitted it.

    So the Israeli undercover agents are throwing rocks at Israeli soldiers!

    By the way, why don't you ask the guy with the map of Israel that excludes the West Bank and Gaza who visited Bil'in what appeared more dangerous to him, the soldiers or the boys with rocks? Also ask him how and when the rock-throwing occurred and whether it was related to the demonstration?

    And yes, you have the maps that exclude the West Bank and Gaza, because many Israelis have hoped and still hope to include the West Bank and Gaza within Israel. The day Israel accepts having borders like every other country in the world is the day Israel will live in security.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:34 AM, October 28, 2005  

  • Please don't take it personally. Andrew, the ISMer, is not a Palestinian Arab. He is probably an American low life or some Euro trash. For him Palestinian Arab/Israel conflict is a game. He plays this game because he is dealing with Jews, soldiers like you. Had he gone to Sudan to fight the Arab militia or the Russians in Chechnya he would have been dead a long time ago. That is why he will never go to the dangerous places in Iraq, Nigeria, Kashmir, etc. He will stay in Ramallah because it is safe for him there. As vile as he is he is not stupid and since Jews are news for most foreign networks and publications he may even become famous and get a carrier in some anti-Israel organization. The good thing that Shin Bet knows who he is as there are no secrets in Ramallah. Unlike you and other Jews, he does not have a personal stake in that conflict and sooner or later will move on to another destination. You have a stake in this conflict as it is your land, the land of your ancestors, the land of the Jewish traditions, culture, ethics, morality, Torah - the Jewish land. Don't waste your energy on the ISM scum. The Jews have outlived the European mobs, empires, fascism and communism and we will outlive the Arab nationalism, terrorism and their foreign ISM supporters.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:45 AM, October 29, 2005  

  • Evergreen College in Olympia Washington breeds anti-American and anti-Israel leftists. If Andrew is from there then it is clear who and what he is. He will never go to Uganda or Kazakhstan as it that cause is not very popular. Had Ratchel Corrie gone there nobody would have even heard of her. The reason the trash is like him is flocking to Israel is because there are more journalists in 1 Israeli square mile than in all 22 Arab dictatorships ccombined. Israel is under the microscope. Does the world care about Somalia? So, Andrew will never go to Somalia. Will Andrew or the likes of him try to stop the slave trade in Sudan or the extermination of the Black Africans in Darfur? Never! His type of humanism is limited to the Palestinian Arabs because they deal with the democratic Israel and the Jews.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:27 AM, October 30, 2005  

  • Sorry folks, but the person you have attempted to label as "Andrew from Olympia and Evergreen College" is not the person writing here as "ISMer". You are completely off the mark.

    In any case, it doesn't matter. Your effort to slander an individual is an effort to avoid the substance of my arguments: the systematic dispossession by Israel of Palestinians' land and water, prolonged Israeli military occupation, the regular use by the Israeli military of violence against peaceful protesters and civilians, Israeli violation of international law, well documented Israeli human rights abuses and moral failure.

    Since you prefer not to address substantive issues, you attempt to create a smokescreen by launching false accusations at individuals, and entire towns, universities and classes of people.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:49 PM, November 01, 2005  

  • It is funny when an ISM supporter, a promoter of the Palestinian Arab crimes attempts to defend the Palestinian Arab serial killers who have been blowing up the kindergartens, discos, schools, buses, restaurants and weddings. It is also comical when they talk about the Israeli violations when Israel is surrounded by the 22 tyrannical Arab regimes based on foundation of internal/external violence, persecution and corruption. Why don't you try to protest in Cairo or Beirut? Some students who were protesting on a Cairo university campus are decomposing right now. How many website have been devoted in their honor? Why don't you try to protest in Sana, Dubai, Jedda or Tripoli and see what happens to you. Well, since you are too cowardly to protest in Baghdad or against the Arab militia's slaughter of the Black Africans in Khartum try to protest in New York by throwing a rock at a NYPD cop and see what happens to you. Nah! You will not even do that. What you will do is try to stain the democratic Jewish state on 0.1% of the Middle Eastern landmass and totally neglect the brutality, lies, and persecution of the Arab entities that occupy 99.9% of it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:31 PM, November 01, 2005  

  • ..And, by the way, it does not take that many rats to stink up a good building. Larry Mosqueda and his young, idealistic, inexperienced and very delusional desciples at Evergreen are doing a good. Believe me, I can smell the rotten trash, as I don't live that far.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:17 AM, November 02, 2005  

  • ISMer, I realize I've repeated it a lot, but I'm going to do it again.
    B'tselem is NOT a relevant source. It's a political organisation, a branch of HADASH, the Israeli Communist party.They're a communist propaganda organisation, not a human rights watch group. They try to pass themselves as such to the rest of the world, and reporters who are ignorant in Israeli politics actually buy into that crap. Any Israeli knows that B'tselem=Hadash.
    Now, as to real data on water usage in Israel, you can try our national water company mekorot.
    Lake Kinneret has 700 MCM/year of water, The coastal aquifer has 320 (both within the 1967 borders) and the mountain Aquifer has 370 MCM/year of water.
    Now. First of all, the mountain aquifer can be accessed from within the green line, hence your claims regarding the need to change the security barrier path are irrelevant.
    It's a security barrier. Its goal is to provide security. It's not a border, nor will it be a border. A simple count of the population in Israel and the West Bank and Gaza shows that neither are self sufficient waterwise and both depend on water from Lake Tibereas (Israeli water).
    As for the wells issue: Due to the fact Israel is in constant shortage of water it's forbidden to dig new wells, to ANYONE except Israel's National Company, and the Palestinian Authority. In the Interim agreement which the Palestinian Authority signed on, a formula was developed to count the amount of water supplied to the Palestinians, and a number of wells to be dug yearly by Mekorot (Israeli water company) and the Palestinian Authority. And in fact, until the Intifadeh, joint patrols were done to prevent water theft and unauthorized wells.
    The entire notion Palestinians get less water is a stupid one, just think of it. The settlers and Palestinians use the same pipes. You can't force more water go to one direction and less to another. It's not politics, it's physics. It's simply impossible.

    Yes, Israeli undercover agents have hid between crowds of rock throwers and have thrown rocks in the direction of soldiers. The police has undercover agents using drugs or faking the use of such to get drug dealers. Undercover agents probably serve in most terror organisations. It's a tactic to get the culpruits, and the thing that bothers you about it is that it works. The scumbags who broke my friends' face are in court, and will be in jail for a long time.

    As for including the West Bank in maps, it's a simple concept. As long as Israel controls the region and no other state exists there, your whole whine is irrelevant. When a Palestinian state is established there, you can whine on. The fact is, countries include Autonomous regions within their territory in maps. Russia does it, France does it, Netherlands does it. Haven't seen you whining one bit about the ethnic cleansing of Nubians in Egypt, Egyptian settlers in Sudan, or Morrocan occupation of Western Sahara. But it's Israel you pick on. Israel is somehow special to you. I think we all know why.

    By Blogger OnlyInIsrael, at 8:52 PM, November 04, 2005  

  • Send the ISMer to Uganda or Sudan ..Ha...sure! The little roach will never go to the areas where the people do need a little humanity, where there is a lot of suffering in pain and obscurity. The foreign journalists do not frequent Chechnya or Uzbekistan. The Rat Corries of the world afraid of being decapitated and unnoticed in Chechnya or Nigeria will continue to flock to the areas adjacent to a tiny, democratic and transparent Israel with more foreign journalists and reporters than in all 22 Arab dictatorships combined. The poor bugs are trying to find some blemishes in the Jewish state while totally ignoring the persecution of the Arabs in Libya, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc. There is nothing decent about the ISM roaches. They are ugly hypocrites who are using a few self-hateful Kapo-type Jews to justify their anti-Semitism. Some of them have instructors/dirt bags in the form of Larry Mosqueda, a professor at Evergreen State College, Olympia, Washington.

    How many ISMers demonstrated against the Iranian declaration to wipe out Israel?

    The good thing is that they are all on the Shin Bet radar. Hopefully, their movements will be monitored long after they leave the area and that record will follow them right up until the time they join their friends in hell.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:03 PM, November 05, 2005  

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