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Saturday, December 31, 2005

That's allright, you can keep her.

For the last week there was some sort of drama around the hijacking of a British "peace activist" and her family by crazy jihadists in Gaza. Eventually Kate Burton and her family were released, and she quickly fled to the Israeli side of the Gaza border, not before wrapping herself in a "Pizza Hutt" tablecloth, a-la "General Arafat".
The media described her as a "peace activist" that belonged to a group called "Al-Mezan". Noone ofcourse bothered to tell you the truth about "Al-Mezan". Noone told you that it's an organisation affiliated with the ISM. Noone told you that "Al-Mezan" regularly invents "massacres" and promotes horrendous propaganda regarding some imaginary "human rights violations" by Israel.
Here's some info from an organisation monitoring NGO's such as Al-Mezan.
When a regulation preventing transfer of US funds into the hands of organisations promoting terrorism was proposed, Al-Mezan was the first to respond:
In late August, Al Mezan’s director was quoted in the Arabic press as stating: “There is no legal basis for this document. This document should be boycotted, including the local authorities, political parties and universities. These institutions should reject this document completely, as it puts them in great danger. We should publicize a list of any institutions that agree to the conditions in the document.”
"great danger", now why would you say that? Certainly nothing you have to hide.
There's a lot of payback in this story, the crazy girl hijacked by the terrorists she defends, the parents who allow her to carry activities in a war zone, and are dumb enough to participate in their daughter's quest against Israel, can see that not all is safe.
But apparently, some brains refuse to work even after traumatic experiences.

The British Foreign Office on Saturday distributed a statement written by the Burton family, saying Kate "plans to stay in the region and continue working with the Palestinian people."

"Kate remains committed and passionate about working alongside the Palestinians to improve their external image and alleviate the difficult conditions being suffered by the Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip," the statement said.

Heh. Good luck with that one. I'm sure improving Palestinian external image is much easier once you've been hijacked by them.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Somebody to vote for.

Israeli politics is rocking. Sharon left the Likud for Kadima. Peres left Labour for Kadima. For the first time in over a decade a unique situation occured in Israeli politics: we're having ideological elections.
For the last few years it has been confusing. The left was center-left. The right was center-right. There was no actual center party, and is you wanted to vote ideologically, you had to vote for some small fringe party to make it count. The old parties were corrupt from within and controlled by their party centers and not the voters. So to vote for a candidate you liked you had to vote for his party and bring in the corrupt cronies of party center members into the Knesset.
Sharon changed all that.
Finally, there's a true political map. The Labour is genuine left. It's led by a social-democrat. Most of its former heads who were more pro-security than pro-social aren't in its leadership. Peretz has very leftist tendencies in anything regarding the peace process.
The Likud on other hand, is now genuine right. It's probably going to be led by Netanyahu, a true capitalist, whose position regarding the peace process are very rightist.
Then there's Kadima, which is where most of the Israelis stand. In the very center. Yes to peace, but not at all cost. Yes to capitalism, but not by ignoring true misery and poverty. Yes to a Jewish state, but not by making life impossible for atheists.
That's the reason Sharon is going to get so many seats in the Knesset next elections. Israelis finally have someone to vote for. This is something very anticipated around here, the feeling of change, new people entering the political system, old party centers collapsing. My bet is, we're going to have one of the highest voting rates in our history. I'd put it at over 80%.
We're going to have a new Knesset next time. With less political parties, a stronger coalition and less financial blackmail from tiny fractions of non-existant parties. There definetly is hope in the air.

Friday, December 02, 2005

BBC's propaganda backfires.

As usual with propaganda, it takes a simple look at it to spot the lie and deception. Take BBC for instance. Last week they published a series of photos of supposedly poor, innocent, scared Palesitnian schoolgirls who are threatened by Israeli soldiers in a checkpoint in Hebron. Really, a heartbreaking scenes when soldiers are seen pointing guns at the poor girls. But wait, what's that right there in the first photo. What's that girl doing?

Yep, that's a Nazi salute. Looks like her teacher encourages her, and the rest of the girls are clapping. Bad, bad soldiers, stopping the Hitler youth from crossing a mixed city without proper security checks.

ISMer suggests it's not a nazi salute, but a "dramatic gesture".
Ofcourse, it's a dramatic gesture. And Palestinian policemen don't actually use the nazi salute, they're just making dramatic gestures at each other. And Abu Mazen didn't get a university diploma for a holocaust denying work either, it was just a fictional book.
Mein Kampf isn't really a bestseller in the Palestinian Authority I'm sure they just enjoy the paintings. And Palestinian parliament members aren't calling themselves Hitler, it's all a coincidence because that's such a common name.
Puh-lease. Palestinian education, media, and everyday life is drenched with mentions of support for Nazism. What this girl is doing is clear beyond any doubt. Refusing to see so shows exactly what background you and other ISM scumbags come from.

Here's a nice video clip that may help people like that. One the funniest clips I've ever seen.

Your opinion needed.

My webhosting company (which hosts all the images, sounds and movies for this blog) informed me that I have to renew my subscription in a few months. Now, that costs money, and generally, as a soldier, I don't have a lot of it (my monthly salary is 705 NIS which is roughly 150$). Now, I have two options: one is to use AdSense to add commercials to this blog, and another is to establish a PayPal account through which people will be able to donate money to operate this blog.
This is a real dilemma for me, because on one hand, I believe blog commercials are a problem and not the solution, and on the other I don't like asking for people's money. So the question I raise is this, how much you, my readers, will be troubled by the addition of ads to this blog, and how many of you will be willing to donate if a PayPal account is established. Comments are welcome, as usual.

The Blog on "Jerusalem Post"

Well, I wanted to post it only after the whole thing was perfect but, alas, no luck.
About a month ago the "Jerusalem Post" published a story about this blog. As my readers know, I spend most of my time in the army, and come home roughly twice a month (or less). I came home to find an Email in my Inbox from a Jpost reporter asking me for comments and questions, sadly by the time I got to responding the letter, I found out the story has been published and my failure to answer the email was titled as "declined comment". I spoke to the reporter and she asked me a few questions, and promised to alter the story. That was a month ago.
She said she is busy and I respect that, so do check that story in case it changes in the next weeks.
Anyway, here's the story.