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Saturday, March 25, 2006

ISM notices us. I'm flattered.

Warning, Human Speebumps ahead!

I occasionaly check my Site-meter referrals page, and noticed something weird. It seems like I'm getting visits from the ISM website admin page (which is password protected). Which means ISM monitors this blog, and sends out its watchdogs (or in this case watch-morlocks) to flood this blog with ISM propaganda, and attempt to decieve my readers by posting lies in the comment section.
Their newest attempt was to log onto old posts which they assumed I forgot about and post their libelous comments there.
Personally, I'm flattered that the ISM sees me as dangerous enough to monitor and send their followers here to attempt to fight the truth.
My dear ISM followers and other human speedbump wannabees, let me assure you that I will keep you guys as busy as I possibly can. This site will continue publish the truth about the conflict, and all your lies in the comment section will not go unchallange by me (and hopefully by my other readers). I will personally go over every single post in this blog and make sure, that no lie posted by you guys will be left without due comment.


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