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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Exposing another "Islamic charity".

It all started when I stumbled on this story on Ynet.

Iyaz Ali, a British citizen of Pakistani origin, arrested by the Shin Bet three weeks ago, admitted to having aided Hamas through his work for a British Islamic aid organization in Ramallah and Gaza.

Ali, 36, is a humanitarian aid worker for the Islamic Relief Worldwide organization (IRW)

Ali, who was appointed as project manager in Gaza last December, told interrogators that he had transferred aid to Hamas charities al-Wafa and al-Salah, banned in Israel for backing a terror group and inciting against the Jewish State.

Documents found in Ali's laptop point to links between the IRW and illegal Hamas funds in Britain and Saudi Arabia.

Investigators also found pictures of senior Nazi officials, of IDF emblems defaced with swastikas and of al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Well, there's nothing that unusual so far, another rotten "charity" working with terrorists, but then I figured I've heard of the "Islamic Relief" charity group. It was right there on WRMEA's "charitable organizations" page which contained other terrorist-linked "charities", and which I exposed in an earlier post.

Now, not only does this organization's ties to Hamas have now been exposed, it's other "charitable" organization are questionable as well. Militant Islam Monitor exposes it's troubling definition to the word "orphan". You see, the word "orphan" means, according to the Oxford English Dictionary: "a child whose parents are dead". The way the IRW defines it in their site is a bit different:

The criterion for selection of an orphan is determined by the situation of the child. Children are selected whose fathers have died or have been killed. Their mother, a relative or a recognized institution cares for most orphans. Your monthly contribution will not only benefit the orphan, but his/her family as well.

Somehow it sounds like a whitewash to me. So I went to their site and attempted to adopt an orphan. Then I saw something really weird.

Look! The messiah is here, her father died in 1987 and yet mysteriously the mom gave birth to a 6 year old daughter. The way I see it, there are 3 options: either the mom was pregnant for 13 years, either the daughter is slowly developed and ages on a 3:1 rate, or maybe, just maybe, "Islamic Relief" is making orphans up as a way to extort money.

And Please, if you do make up orphans to extory money, could you atleast attempt to make it look real and not end up looking like complete and utter morons?

Now for the second child, his name is Ali Mahmoud and his father died on December 22nd 2005. Seems recent enough, so I figured, maybe I'll check the news for any deaths of that date. And what do you know, the BBC comes to rescue.

Three Palestinians have been shot and killed by Israeli troops in the West Bank city of Nablus, Palestinian medical sources say.

The men were shot dead as they tried to flee a building that had been sealed off by Israeli troops, witnesses said.

Well, that's circumstantial, I mean a lot of Palestinian men die in the same day, not necessarily meaning anything. But wait, Electronic Intifadeh has their names and positions.

The victims were identified as: Bashar 'Abdul Latif Hanani, 22, from Beit Fourik village east of Nablus, the leader of the Abu 'Ali Mustafa Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine; Ahmed 'Abdul Ra'ouf Khaled al-Jayousi, 22, from Jayous village northeast of Qalqilya, a member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fatah movement; and Anas Ahmed Mahmoud al-Sheikh Hamad, 22, from Sineeria village southeast of Qalqilya, a member of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

The name, the age all fit. Sure it could be a coincidence, if you ask me it probably isn't. That may not be definitive, but the fake child sure is.

Now, we have a cheating "charity" with shady ties to Hamas and suspicious terrorist funding activities, wanna take a guess at who partially funds it?

congratulations, EU citizens, this is where your money goes to! According to EU's ECHO (European Community Humanitarian Office) partner's list, one of the organizations supported by the EU is Islamic Relief Worldwide. Militant Islam Monitor also reads into some ISM ties to the group via a Thom Saffold, who is an ISM activist calling for support for the ISM and IRW in an online address. I wouldn't call that "solid", because it's just an online statement, but it does sound as genuine, and I wouldn't be surprised if ISM worked with IRW.

I'm telling you, sometimes when I research these kind of organizations, I get the distinct feeling they're all interconnected. It's amazing how closely these people work with each other, and how shady are the borders between stealing money for fake orphans and giving it to terrorists.

Update: The Islamic Relief Worldwide has erased all traces of the orphans in question. Details here. This serves as concrete evidence that this is not a computer error. If it was a computer error, why didn't they just correct the date, and instead chose to erase all the "orphans" in the list?


  • Ain't you never heard of liquid nitrogen?

    By Blogger brainhell, at 7:30 AM, June 01, 2006  

  • Wow...good post.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:31 PM, June 01, 2006  

  • Excellent - I started looking at that site as well but didn't find the linkage to the name of the terrorist.

    However, a tiny point in their defense: they had two kids with the same birthday of 1/1/87 and my guess is that their software puts that date there automatically if the birthdate is unknown. I was going to blog the same thing when I saw the first kid (and I thought it was weird that they only had 7 "orphans" on that page) but when I saw the second it sounded more like a glitch than anything else.

    By Blogger Elder of Ziyon, at 10:06 PM, June 01, 2006  

  • elder of ziyon,

    Somehow I doubt it's a computer glitch, because I did a search on other "orphans" from Chechnya, ETC and they all had normal dates as far as I could tell.
    Also, I can't see why it would start in 1987 of all years.
    I have to say, I don't think it's a glitch.

    By Blogger OnlyInIsrael, at 10:44 PM, June 01, 2006  

  • Yes, it's all related to ISM. You've found us out.

    Thom Saffold posted something on a website in 2002, so therefore...

    Look I am not going to delve into and try to investigate this. I'm sure there is nothing wrong with Thom Saffold or anything he has done. However, it is a simple reality that Thom Saffold has not been involved with ISM for more than three years.

    So you can drop the ISM connections that were extremely, extremely tenuous anyway.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:29 AM, June 03, 2006  

  • ISMer, give it a rest. Haven't you figured out that you're preaching to two choirs here? Let me explain -

    The first one is the people who believe you're a dumbass.

    The second one is the people you have brought with you to this blog. And we all know what kind of people those are. Big hint: They like to call themselves "progressives". Upon preaching to these people, you gain nothing.

    By Blogger Nemesis6, at 3:47 AM, June 04, 2006  

  • May an ISM enemy die from HIV, cancers or any other terminal disease. Mey he be roasted in hell together with his younger family members! Sorry, people, unlike you, I have no pity or patience for the anti-Semitic garbage in an anti-Israeli, anti-Zionist outfit. The man is viral all the way down to the bones. May he suffer pain and tragedies!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:55 PM, June 24, 2006  

  • with all my respect to you and your opinion ,I think you are only attacking this organization not because of they terrorism organization but because they are ISLAMIC terrorism organization or that is what you think really I don't know but let me tell you some thing our religion is the only religion that came 2 the whole world or prophet (peace be upon him) told us that we have to admit and respect other religions and treat their people nicely and politely our holly qura'n says (you have your religion and we have ours) our greeting is peace be upon you not just a simple hi so please can you just read about Islam and Mohammed peace be upon him before just judging people you don't know about them(because as long as I can tell we didn't attack Iraq, we didn't kill Palestinians children & women & certainly we didn't treated prisoners at abo gharib in this non human humiliating way) so if your house from glass don't throw rocks at others
    Thanks for being polite enough to accept my comment, peace be upon you
    Muslim person

    By Blogger Meecko, at 1:38 AM, August 11, 2008  

  • I was looking for procedures on 'Adopting a Palestinian prisoners by a Jewish family' when I found this blog.

    I find it funny how the media has managed to make the world deeply believe that Islam=terrorism.

    When you help someone, they say you are a true christian. When you act violent, they call you judgemental muslem. When you act like a snob, they call you jews, when you seek peace, they call you budist...I guess people don't worship God anymore, they worship media, because media makes them believe they can see both sides and then judge and decide for themselves.

    All I can say is that if muslims have Al Qaida, Christians have Mafia. You can not blame a religion for the bads in this world, you can only blame human nature.

    One thing is mostly for sure, and that is that bad childhood results in troubled adulthood.

    As for hamas, I don't agree to suicide bombing of kids. But hey! those who do that are those who watched their deared ones die under torture.

    Do you know how many innocent muslims were killed by american citizens after Sep 11 just because the alleged attacker was a muslim mafia?

    Sep 11 is nothing compared to what these palestinian ppl go through...why would u choose to call the latter rage, and the first a terrorist act?

    I don't really know much, but i doubt if the author knows any more than me either.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:07 PM, March 10, 2009  

  • This is highly interesting. I tried to visit the site but could not. Your post appealed to me.

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    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:22 AM, November 17, 2009  

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